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Monday, July 20, 2015

KPRC might be off satellite TV; 91.7 off air


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Channel 2 could be off DISH satellite TV; Classical 91.7 KUHA is off the air now

"We are very pleased to announce that at the eleventh hour we have made substantial progress in our negotiations with Dish, and because of that we will continue to work diligently towards a final agreement. In the meantime, if you're a current Dish subscriber, you will continue to see KPRC 2 and all of your favorite news and entertainment airing on KPRC 2."

KPRC 2 issued a press release Monday evening that says the station could be off DISH satellite Wednesday at 6pm. Here is more:

KPRC Channel 2 is about to go dark for all DISH TV subscribers. The satellite provider has been unwilling to strike a reasonable deal with the local content provider, so on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6pm CT, subscribers will no longer be able to watch programs like:
-KPRC Channel 2 News
-The Voice
-The Blacklist
-NBC Nightly News
-American Ninja Warrior
-Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon
-PGA Golf and Nascar
-Saturday Night Live
-Dr. Phil
-Sunday Night Football
-Entertainment Tonight

“We’ve been working very hard to negotiate a fair deal for everybody.” Said KPRC Vice President and General Manager, Jerry Martin. “We’ve negotiated dozens, if not hundreds, of similar deals over the years with other providers and have never been taken off the air, so that should tell you something about where the issue lies.”

DISH charges its subscribers a monthly fee to get these programs, so essentially their estimated 247,000 Houston area customers will not be getting what they pay for. That includes important local news and weather information in emergency situations from the Channel 2 News team.

KPRC and its parent organization, Graham Media Group, has launched the website, to make it easy for DISH customers to learn more and to tell the satellite provider that they wish to continue receiving KPRC and NBC. The site includes shareable social media posts, as well as alternative ways to continue watching the station’s content while the negotiations continue.

KPRC and Graham Media Group remain hopeful that the situation will be resolved very soon. That resolution however, depends on DISH’s willingness to keep the discussion going in a timely manner to reach a fair deal.

Also, Classical 91.7 FM KUHA is off the air. More from a station email:

As you may know, we’re not broadcasting now as the transmitter and tower site had to be taken down for emergency repairs. The problem began yesterday, and our engineers have been working on it ever since. We are expecting it will take another 24 – 48 hours to repair.

Until we’re back up and running at full power, you can listen to our Classical 91.7 stream the following ways:

Go to the Classical 91.7 program description on the homepage, click LISTEN LIVE, then click the red box that says Classical 91.7.

2. Using your smart phone download the free Classical 91.7 Houston Public Media app
Many cars are equipped with a USB connection so that you can listen to Classical 91.7, using the app on your smart phone, through your car radio. Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

3. Tuning to KUHF 88.7 HD-2, from the HD radio in your car or home

4. Tuning to TV channel 8.5, over the air signal
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