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Friday, May 22, 2015

FOX 26 KRIV and KPRC have good results in May 2015 sweeps

Fox 26 KRIV kills the competition in the morning news, KPRC 2 continues to top late news

In my blogging break post, I wrote that I would miss you, so here I'm back already for a quick second update on Houston's May 2015 TV sweeps.

Last night, I blogged how Univision 45 KXLN and Telemundo Houston took some top spots in the key demo for this sweeps period.

Now we are learning about some of their English language TV counterparts.

The big story apparently is FOX 26 KRIV! At the beginning of this sweeps period, folks at other stations were telling me KRIV was coming on strong and that trend clearly continued to the end.

 That fox jumped over several stations to basically win the mornings in Adults ages 25 to 54 (I believe there was a tie at 5am).

Last May, the Houston FOX owned and operated station was hovering around third place in mornings, but not this time. My sources tell me assistant news director Howard Dorsey has been working that show to improve it. Looks like a job well done for Dorsey and the rest of the staff. On a personal note, my wife, who is in the key demo, has become a big fan of KRIV mornings. And as I blogged before, my father-in-law's favorite meteorologist is the Foxy Mike Iscovitz.

(On another KRIV morning note, former Rock 101 KLOL jock and now all things motivational in nature, Dayna Steele, joins the Fox 26 morning news Monday mornings starting June 1st to share tips from her

Even KRIV's noon show I recently critiqued with its new avant-garde format moved up one spot year to year to tie for second place. That's with the addition of KPRC 2's return to the noon newscast world too. Shows you what my thoughts are worth. Attention other Houston television stations: Want to move up with the Nielsen crowd? Then throw out your scripts, set and just wing it!

FOX Houston continues moving up later in the day too. KRIV took second place with its hour long 5pm news moving up two spots year to year. From what I understand, it was only .2 behind KTRK abc13.

Now on to the 10pm newscasts. KPRC continues winning the English language news war in Adults ages 25 to 54 for the late news. Apparently this has happened for the 12th book in a row. In the past, KTRK would not have let this happen.

Just a few years ago, I ignored sweeps because it was usually the same results. Not anymore. It's all up for grabs now.

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