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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Malini Basu leaves KHOU 11 for WFXT Boston

KHOU 11 reporter Malini Basu leaves Houston for freezing Boston FOX affiliate WFXT

Malini Basu
Malini Basu
While I was on break, it was reported that KHOU 11 reporter Malini Basu was leaving the station.

There were some in the audience so excited about this, they wanted me to drop everything and return to post the news! My tweeting of the story was not enough. Since my return, they are reminding me in the here it is.

Basu, who arrived at KHOU in 2012, has left for Boston FOX affiliate WFXT reports TVSpy. She starts this week.

During her time here, Basu angered folks at other Houston TV stations when she gave the mother of an alleged kidnapped teen girl a ride to pick up her daughter while covering the story. The other station staffers thought the ride was unethical. So if any Boston reporters catch her applying to be an Uber driver while on a wary.

Before H-Town, Basu worked as a reporter for NBC Connecticut WVIT, reporter/fill-in anchor at WLNE, freelance reporter at WSYR, reporter at WPTZ/WNNE, field producer/writer at FOX 5 News and news assistant/photographer at NY1 News.


  1. February 19 was Malini Basu's last day at KHOU

  2. Guessing she was sick & tired of other news stations in Houston hounding her over one mistake during one of her news reports.

    Not shocked that she left Houston & Texas for good!

  3. She could give me a ride, then i'll give her a "RIDE".

  4. Hell Yeah, Malini Could Get It


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