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Monday, January 12, 2015

Blind Baytown gymnast on 'Steve Harvey' show Tuesday

Baytown 11-year-old blind gymnast on Steve Harvey January 13

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Adrianna Kenebrew, 11, of Baytown will be on Steve Harvey Tuesday. In Houston that airs on FOX 26 KRIV at 3pm. Here is more from the press release.

Tune-in to “Steve Harvey” on TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, as 11 year old legally blind gymnast, Adrianna Kenebrew, from Baytown, TX will be featured as an “Extraordinary Kid!”

Locally, “Steve Harvey” can be seen on FOX 26 (KRIV), weekdays at 3:00PM. Check local listings or go to for time and channel in other markets.

11 year old Adrianna Kenebrew from Baytown, TX is a phenomenal gymnast who has won several competitions and recently was named “Female Athlete of the Year” in her region. What makes her truly remarkable is how she’s accomplished her success. Unlike other gymnasts, this sixth grader is legally blind! Tune-in to “Steve Harvey” on Tuesday, January 13 as Steve honors Adrianna as an “Extraordinary Kid!”

By age three, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital determined that Adrianna was legally blind, due to glaucoma. “With my glasses, I can see shapes, but everything is blurry,” Adrianna tells Steve. For gymnastics, Adrianna says “I use my sense of touch and sound.” “For vault, coaches either clap or say my name so I know it’s my turn to go,” she added.

Adrianna’s mother, Asha, will also appear on “Steve Harvey.” “The one thing about gymnastics, it’s the one place where she feels like everyone else,” Asha tells Steve, adding that her coaches and teammates treat her like any other gymnast. “When she goes to competition, the judges have no idea that she has any disability,” says Asha.

Adrianna’s goal is to be the first visually impaired gymnast to win gold in the Olympics!

As part of Tuesday’s show, Steve Harvey will surprise Adrianna and her mother with a very special gift. Adrianna’s home gym, the Texas Academy of Acrobatics and Gymnastics in Baytown, TX (, will train Adrianna for free for the next year!

Congratulations to Adrianna and best of luck as she pursues her dream of going to the Olympics!

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