Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adela Uchida to KEYE Austin

Adela Uchida tells mikemcguff.com she will be KEYE Austin weekend anchor

Adela Uchida
Adela Uchida
Former KTRK abc13 anchor and News 92 KROI reporter Adela Uchida announced on Facebook last night she is heading to Austin TV and the Houston Chronicle reported on it.

To find out more on what role she'll be taking, I picked up the phone and contacted her.

"I'm sad about leaving Houston, but thrilled to be going to Austin," Uchida told mikemcguff.com. "This is the perfect end to my job search in which I was taking personal concerns heavily into account which was my daughter. This keeps us within driving distance of her dad, which was extremely important to me to keep their relationship solid."

Uchida told me she will be the weekend anchor at Austin CBS affiliate and Sinclair owned KEYE.

"I have great faith in Rob Cartwright the news director, he knows the direction he wants to go," Uchida added.

So where did she find out about the Austin gig? mikemcguff.com of course. Uchida told me she read the news on my blog that former KEYE anchor Deeda Payton was leaving and the rest is history.


  1. Congratulations Adela on the new opportunity! You're going to love Austin: I've got lots of family living there.

  2. Thrilled for Adela. Maybe a bird dog fee for Mike?

  3. I heard on TVspy that Chuancy Glover is joining KTRK 13 as an anchor and reporter.

    1. Who cares? So many people come in and out of 13 these days its news when they actually stay.

  4. Who's Chauncy Glover ? Those weekend gigs have been locked up.

  5. I hate to see her leave Houston, I always liked her. I thought she might have ended up at 2 when Courtney Zavala left. They still haven't had a permanent weekend anchor there, unless Courtney Gilmore is it.

  6. Why did she leave ABC13? She is better than what they are fielding there currently.

  7. Anon, The fact is that Adela has a new gig in Austin as weekend anchor/reporter at KEYE-TV.


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