Monday, October 13, 2014

Boom 92.1 FM Classic Hip Hop Houston radio

Boom 92.1 FM replaces News 92 & B92 all Beyonce radio on KROI

Last Wednesday Radio One killed News 92 KROI and put on B92 all Beyonce radio. We kinda figured that one would not be a permanent format.

Today at 5pm, 92 KROI became Boom 92.1 FM, a Classic Hip Hop station. Here is the full Radio One release:

On the eve of its announcement, Radio One of Texas II, LLC generated buzz and filled the airways with advertising free, 24-7 music from Beyonce. Today, Radio One announced its new permanent format, Boom 92.1 FM, a Classic Hip Hop station. It is the first major market throwback Hip Hop station of its kind in the country. And its Houston’s own.

Currently, Radio One is home to Majic 102.1 FM and The Box 97.9 FM, an adult R&B and mainstream Hip Hop and R&B stations respectively. Now classic Hip Hop gets added to the roster of the Urban MediaSpecialists.

“We couldn’t be more excited about bringing Classic Hip Hop back to listeners who grew up on the lyrics, beats and rhythm of this genre of music,” said Terri Thomas, Operations Manager, Radio One of Texas.

Radio One research supports that Houston has an appetite for Classic Hip Hop.

“Radio One is known for firsts.” said Jay Stevens, Senior Vice President, Programming, Radio One. “This is classic – throwback Hip Hop and you can only hear it all-day, every day on the BOOM.”

Station management is looking to heavily engage its new audience with good ole’ fashion events and programming features highlighting the artists and music that ‘take you back’.

Stay tuned for features and original Hip Hop artists updates at

First song, Houston's own Geto Boys Mind Playing Tricks On Me. You can hear the entire Boom92.1 format flip from B92 all Beyonce radio above.


  1. I think we should just stick to "old" or "throw back". Somehow the word classic just seems out of place.

  2. As a dude that loves hip hop with a PASSION, from new to the old school...this is awesome news! Its very good to see this music being rediscovered again. Hopefully, "BoomBox" will be able to regain the listeners back from The Beat (maybe). And yes, this is a definite favorite on the TuneIn app up here in Kansas.

  3. I call it junk radio. Big hat no cattle company.

  4. Replies
    1. So its gross because its a genre you dont like? You dont have to listen.

    2. Trust me I won't....G R O S S !

  5. I freakin love the moment a radio station flips. Creative stuff!

  6. Replies
    1. I guess I'll be hearing this at 9,000 decibels from some car at a stop light!

  7. There are many different styles, or genres, of music. Some of the more familiar are hip hop, country, bluegrass, folk, house, new age, world, and rock. The list goes on and on.

  8. I give huge props for bringing this to the Houston market. I think it will do great here. I used to always listen to the old school hiphop station out of Phoenix, but their rotation was very weak. Seemed like the same 20-30 songs all the time. After listening to Boom 92 for 2 days, their variety is much more vast than The Beat out of Phoenix. Love that this is inn my town. Finally a Houston radio station i can listen to for music.