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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Melissa Hawkes joins KPRC 2

Melissa Hawkes, formerly of Fox 23 KOKI Tulsa, joins KPRC 2

Melissa Hawkes joins News On 6 KOTV Tulsa after her temporary KPRC 2 reporting gig comes to an end.

Melissa Hawkes
Melissa Hawkes
Melissa Hawkes flew into Houston under the radar and started reporting on KPRC 2 yesterday (thanks to the readers who alerted me).

Hawkes grew up in Katy and first appeared on Houston TV when she was 14 years old. It was a meeting with the White Knight in Blue Shades that led her to her present day career.

"I first developed my passion for news while competing in pageants," Hawkes once wrote on Facebook. "I visited KTRK in Houston for an award show with Marvin Zindler when I was a junior in high school. I knew right then and there I wanted to be part of the action."

Recently, Hawkes has been running a business called Made for Media Marketing.

Before that, she was a morning reporter for Fox 23 KOKI in Tulsa for about two years until January of this year. Previously, she was an MMJ and fill-in anchor at KATC TV3 in Lafayette. She interned at KXAS 5 DFW while attending TCU's Schieffer School of Journalism.

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  1. "I first developed my passion for news while competing in pageants"

    That explains why she's at lowly KPRC.

  2. Translation: When I was in pageants, I got a lot of attention and everyone was looking at me, so I needed a career where the same thing would happen.

  3. In other words: Hawkes is using KPRC-TV as a stepping stone for a bigger job with a major national news network down the road!

  4. Just saw the pathetically incompetent Simone McIlvoy (Simone Reyna? Simone Sachse? Simone Zavasla? Simone Sucksplenti? Simone Kenny Rogers Ballezza?)
    Whatever her name, she sucks, can't read news, and like the hacks above, belongs in a different business.

  5. Holy Moly! Who is this Oprah Winfrey looking hack anchoring on KPRC tonight?

  6. KPRC-TV is turning into a nonstop SOAP OPERA.

  7. It was funny watching Dominique lead in to a racial story, knowing she made her racist comment on air years ago and Steve Wasserman and the rest gave her a pass. She's so inauthentic.

  8. Kprc is my local news of choice. I think they do a great job. To bring up something from the past is pathetic. I would hate to be held accountable for some of the stuff I did. As for the new young lady, goid for her. I hope we are all in a position that might allow us yo move up in the corp. world.


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