Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kaitlin McCulley joins KTRK 13

Kaitlin McCulley joins KTRK 13 from WIAT 42 Birmingham, Alabama

Kaitlin McCulley
Kaitlin McCulley
Melissa Hawkes over at KPRC 2 wasn't the only new reporter to hit the Houston TV airwaves recently. So did reporter Kaitlin McCulley who joined KTRK abc13.

Previously, McCulley was an MMJ/reporter at WIAT 42 Birmingham, Alabama where she worked since 2011. Before that she interned at MSNBC's Morning Joe in 2009 and WWSB-TV, Tampa.

McCulley is a gradate of Samford University in Birmingham.

I've covered WIAT Birmingham in the past. That's because former KHOU 11 and KTRK abc13 meteorologist Gene Norman now works there.


  1. Who does she replace at Ch. 13 ?

  2. Now if only Art Rascon could pronounce her name correctly.

  3. Rascon sure does need to spell better LOL.

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  4. Nice smile. It's a shame I don't watch 13 anymore. Now that would change if they'd dump Tom Koch.


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