Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comcast SportsNet Houston could have layoffs; new name

Big changes could be coming to Comcast SportsNet Houston if deal goes through

David Barron is reporting there could be layoffs at CSN Houston if a judge allows the network to be sold:

Seventy-five of the 115 employees of Comcast SportsNet Houston were informed Tuesday that their jobs will be eliminated if a federal bankruptcy judge approves a plan backed by the Astros and Rockets to sell the financially troubled network to DirecTV and AT&T.

Employees were informed of the potential layoffs at midafternoon by officials from a law firm representing the Houston Regional Sports Network partnership. Such notices are required by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which mandates employers of companies with at least 100 workers to provide 60-day notice in advance of certain plant closings or mass layoffs. READ THE REST

Barron writes the network would re-brand as Root Sports Houston. This network does not carry talk shows and newscasts on its channels in other cities like CSN does - that's why all the employees could be let go.

I'm hearing these employees are calling Houston TV stations looking to see what employment opportunities exist. A sad day.


  1. Been a long time since I've seen an Astro's game on TV. Hope that will change.

  2. Hope that the buy out company is willing to deal with Dish Network. The AT & T DirecTV merger means to me less competition.

  3. Why doesn't FOX 26 hire someone from there. I know Mark Berman is the best sports reporter in this city, but he has to work pretty much every day with him being the only one there now. I get tired of Chris Stipes reading the sports every weekend.

    1. I like Stipes doing the sports. he's fun and entertaining and knows what he's talking about. I think he was a sportscaster before he did news

  4. Is this corporate bullying? Direct TV and AT&T adamantly refused to co-operate with CSN to make Rockets and Astros games available to their subscribers. Comcast-affiliated CSN was therefore in only about 40% of area homes.
    Now AT&T and Direct TV get to buy CSN. Remember too that AT&T is buying Direct TV. Something smells!


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