Thursday, May 22, 2014

KPRC 2 wins 10pm news race in May 2014 sweeps

Local 2 Remains Steady as Competition Declines

KPRC Local 2 scored a solid victory in the 10pm news race, winning four out of four weeks in both Monday thru Friday, and Monday thru Sunday key demographics for the May 2014 Nielsen ratings period.

In Adults 25-54, Monday-Friday 10pm ratings, KPRC was #1, holding a steady rating year-to-year while KHOU and KTRK were down 30% and 39% respectively:

KPRC 2.1
KHOU 1.9
KTRK 1.9

In Adults 25-54 Monday-Sunday, KPRC remained number #1 at 10pm:

KPRC 2.0
KHOU 1.8
KTRK 1.8

“It took a total team effort by everyone in the station”, said Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin. “To win any major newscast in this highly competitive market is a great achievement so my hat is off to everyone in front of, and behind the camera who worked so hard for this.”

KPRC also had a strong showing in Mornings, winning the 5:30am-6am news time period for the 8th consecutive month, and showing the largest year-to-year gains of any station in the 6am-7am hour. KPRC was up 13%, closing the gap on KTRK who gained 5%, compared to losses of 33% by KHOU and 40% by KRIV.

All ratings are based on Nielsen Live + SD overnights A25-54, English only, for the measurement period of April 24th, 2014 through May 21st, 2014.

KPRC Local 2 is the NBC affiliate for Houston, TX. The station is owned by The Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) and is one of six Post-Newsweek stations along with WDIV Detroit, WPLG Miami, WKMG Orlando, KSAT San Antonio and WJXT

KPRC has long been an innovator as the first television station in Houston and the 12th in the nation. KPRC was the first in Houston to broadcast in color and the station that beamed Neil Armstrong’s famous words “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” across the world.

KPRC’s innovative spirit continues to this day through communications advances and community partnerships. Other KPRC properties include and THIStv.

(This post was taken from a release sent to me by KPRC)


  1. Glad to see KPRC winning the morning news! I was a fan of Channel 13, but was sick of hearing "Your weather is never more than 7 minutes away." Really...after every weather segment? Argh!

  2. The headline of this article should read ...KPRC wins late news A25-54... but REALLY is a distant 2nd place to Univision KXLN's 10p Newscast that did a 3.2 rating to KPRC's 2.0.....commanding 49% more viewers REGARDLESS OF LANGUAGE ! Funny that fact is swept under the carpet with the sourcing. term "English only" in this article. It's time Univision got the credit it deserves in EVERY article published about TV ratings performance and time to stop hiding Houston's new majority and powerhouse TV station behind "English language only" criteria.

    1. I guess you missed Mike's earlier article on Univision.

    2. Anonymous is right. KPRC should issue a press release celebrating KXLN;s win. It just makes perfect sense.

    3. Keep your pantalones on Univision. There are four major English stations competing for local news viewers, with 200+ cable channels, versus two major Spanish stations with a handful of Spanish cable channels that pull hash marks. Of course the numbers won't add up. If it were the other way around, pick any two of the big 4 English stations and they would crush KXLN. Congrats on a nice book, but trying to compare KXLN here ain't manzanas to manzanas.

  3. I used to watch Channel 13 at night, but now watch 11. They have a much better Sports Director.

  4. Channel 2 was demolished in the ratings at 4 p.m. They got a 2.2 in the household ratings while ch. 13 got a 3.0. They were last in the 25-54 demo at 4 p.m. too with a 0.6 rating.

    They should make a change because the viewers are obviously rejecting it badly.

    1. Sad to see any of the stations crowing about 2-3 ratings points. The ratings winner used to be 17; the loser 7.
      What is clear is that viewers are rejecting all television newscasts badly.

  5. I find it hard to believe. I tuned out of KPRC because of that obnoxious Reuben character that they have on. I want news, weather and traffic in morning on the way out the door, not fluffy and fake entertainment with amateur comedy and phony laughter.

  6. It had to be due to Voice show or Fallen. The two facelift freak anchors and the reporters who butcher the English language command viewers see news elsewhere on Houston channels.


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