Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How old is KTRK abc13's Dave Ward?

Dave Ward celebrates his 75th birthday

Dave Ward
Dave Ward
One of the top questions I get asked related to Houston television: How old is channel 13 anchor Dave Ward?

Not having a copy of his birth certificate on me, I never have an answer.

 Well, the longtime KTRK anchorman's birthday was yesterday, and we know as of 2014, Ward is 75 years young.

Ward has been with the ABC owned Houston station since 1966. He is getting close to 50 years on 13!


  1. McGuff, Dave Ward was born in 1939 according to his Wikipedia page.

    1. Conservative Democrat, let's see ... 1939 plus 75 equals 2014. STILL ALIVE AT 75 AND STILL GOING STRONG. We should all be so lucky.

  2. Anon, Ward likely dying on the job like Marvin Zindler.