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Monday, May 12, 2014

FOX 26 KRIV shows us a sign...or two

FOX 26 KRIV billboards popping up all over Houston promoting morning newscasts

 photo Wake-Up-w-Fox-26-BillB-Michelle-Rita_zps23f1314c.jpg

 photo Wake-Up-w-Fox-26-BillB-am-Team_zps5e6b2118.jpg

Don't think billboards work anymore? I'm still a believer after the new FOX 26 KRIV morning ad campaign. I've seen the KRIV billboards all over Houston and clearly others have too since people have been writing to me about them.

Michelle Merhar
Michelle Merhar
According to these February 2014 sweeps numbers, KRIV has been the number three ranked morning show in the Adults 25-54 demographic, so I'm guessing FOX is trying to keep the upward momentum going for May sweeps with these billboards.

The big signs certainly got the attention of the anchors featured in them.

"The billboards are so fun to see and it's such an honor to be featured all over our city," morning anchor Michelle Merhar told "The first time I saw it I almost drove off the road! It's so weird to see a super-sized version of myself while I'm driving, but I think they look great and fresh and I love that Rita and I are able to represent a small part of our awesome team!"

Rita Garcia
Rita Garcia
"We live and work in your community and hopefully these billboards serve as a reminder of that," anchor Rita Garcia added. "On a personal note, it's been such an exciting time and I'm humbled to not just work on the morning show but for YOU our Fox 26 family."

One day should get its own billboard.

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