Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Mary Benton returns to KPRC feeling 100%

KPRC 2 reporter Mary Benton is back on the job after surgery

Mary Benton
Mary Benton
It was last January that KPRC 2's Mary Benton revealed to me about her health conditions and the planned surgery that would take her off channel 2's airwaves for awhile.

At that point, due to complications that caused anemia, Benton had been dealing with blood transfusions, infusions, medications and countless doctors appointments.

The good news is that Benton is healthy and back reporting for KPRC 2.

"I was out longer than planned because I had a second unexpected procedure," Benton told "I'm now feeling 100%. Houston is so blessed to have the Texas Medical Center and experienced doctors. I'm grateful to mine at Baylor, Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women. I even had a procedure at St. Luke's Hospital and my doctor was the very talented and respected Dr. Wayne Franklin, My colleague Rachel McNeil's husband."

Benton returned to duty right in time for the Texas City oil spill and then the big Montrose apartment fire.

"A crazy, busy week and I'm thrilled to be back reporting," Benton told me.


  1. Mary so glad you are back...but more importantly you have returned to the scene! You are one of the bright spots on the Houston media scene and we are lucky to have stay well and REPORT the news from here more making it!

  2. I'm very glad she's back; she's one of the last remaining true journalists left on the air.

  3. You were missed Mary. Good health from here on in.

  4. I agree. Mary is the best. Great to see her back.

  5. Mary is a fantastic reporter serious about getting her stories correct, and wonderful person. It is great that with her health back in order, she is behind the mic bringing Houston the news again.

    Corbett Parker


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