Monday, March 03, 2014

KTRK abc13 and Univision 45 KXLN team up for Affordable Care Act info

Wednesday, March 5 from 5p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

KXLN Univision 45 and KTRK ABC-13, in partnership, will host the first Affordable Care Act (ACA) phone bank on Wednesday March 5, 2014 from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The general public can dial in to 1-855-841-4545 with questions about the ACA.

“We are very pleased to work with ABC-13 to bring vital information about Affordable Care Act to the community,” said David Loving, senior vice president and general manager, KXLN Univision 45/KFTH UniM├ís 67 Houston. “Many consumers are still unaware of the implications of the health reform. We believe phone banks are an excellent vehicle of connecting experts and the general public to address questions about important issues, including the ACA process,” added Loving.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this historic collaboration with our friends at Univision. We look forward to a successful event and informing the many communities we serve,” said Henry Florsheim, president and general manager of KTRK-TV.

During the phone bank, qualified, bilingual volunteers from the Texas Organizing Project will answer ACA related questions from the general public from the Univision studios in Houston.

The ACA registration deadline is March 31, 2014.

For more information about the affordable care act phone bank, please visit or

(This post taken from a release sent to me by Univision 45 KXLN and KTRK abc13)

**This post has been updated with a revised version of the release


  1. Mark W. Stephens3/04/2014 01:21:00 AM

    TOP = ACORN. When ACORN was defunded, a division of it re-emerged as TOP. And TOP regularly hires convicted felons to work for them. I know this because I caught a TOP employee, convicted of narcotics possession, campaigning for Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. He was in possession of copies of registered Voter's personal information. My suggestion would be DO NOT give anyone from TOP your personal information. Might as well pick a prison and give the inmates your personal information. Not much my opinion.

  2. This is terrible, now our local tv news is promoting a social progressive narrative??? Unbelievable Channel 13. You should be ashamed.

  3. Both Mark and Anon at 950 AM should be ashamed. How can you guys, especially Mark, spout your lies and deceit with a shred of evidence? Both of you are RWNJ!!!

  4. Mark W. Stephens3/05/2014 01:24:00 AM

    @Anon 03:07:00 PM

    What kind of evidence would you like? Just ask. And while we are at it, please reveal your evidence that I am lying or being deceitful. Or does that only apply to those telling the truth? Also, I don't mind using my real name, what are you hiding from?

  5. Mark W. Stephens3/05/2014 02:16:00 AM

    Besides, look at the new revised Press Release Channel 13 just issued. They took out all mention of TOP (Texas Organizing Project). If I was spouting lies and deceit as you accuse me, then why would THEY try to hide the connection after I pointed it out? Think about it


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