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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Houston TV chopper crash coverage

Remembering those at KTRK abc13 and Fox 26 KRIV who lost their lives

As the sad news of KOMO Seattle's helicopter crash reached the nation yesterday, I thought it's time to remember some of the Houston TV crews that lost their lives in chopper crashes.

Fox 26 KRIV's SkyFOX crashed on 11/16/2000. The pilot, whose name was not given in the video clip below, died that night. If anyone knows his name, please add it in the comments.

KTRK abc13's SkyEye 13 crashed in October 2008 in Montgomery County. Pilot John Downhower, 43, and photographer Dave Garrett, 36, were killed that day.

Houston has history of TV news helicopter crashes


  1. MIKE: INFO YOU REQUESTED. Hope this helps. Bless them all.

    1. He is looking for the name of the SKYFOX pilot from the 2000 crash. Not the one from Seattle.


    If I read this Google newspaper archive article correctly (from my phone) the Skyfox chopper pilot's name was Donald Sumner, an employee of Helicopter Services, Inc.


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