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Thursday, February 13, 2014

VIDEO: KPRC's Ruben Galvan's snake scare scream

KPRC 2's Ruben Galvan has reptilian fright live on TV

Ruben Galvan
Ruben Galvan
This video of KPRC 2's Ruben Galvan is going viral on Facebook right now with more than 1,000 shares and I suspect the numbers to only slither on up. Now the audio isn't great on the clip but you can still hear the fear (direct link).

Seems like Ruben would know how to get along with snakes by now, I mean he's been in the television industry for like a decade now [insert rim shot]. Hey folks, I'll be here all week.

According to this article, researchers found humans have a genetic predisposition to be mortally afraid of snakes.

I can see it now...KPRC will have a February sweeps story, "Snakes on a Live Truck" where Ruben must face his fear on camera. Keep it coming, KPRC, apparently it's all working out for you.

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  1. This cigarette is as unwatchable as the other dolts in KPRC's morning lineup. Zavala, Conflenti and Reyna suck just as bad as Ruben "Perez Hilton Wannabe" Galvan.


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