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Monday, February 10, 2014

Christi Myers to retire from KTRK abc13

Christi Myers to leave the KTRK abc13 medical beat

Christi Myers
Christi Myers
Saturday night, Christi Myers announced her upcoming retirement from KTRK abc13 at an unofficial station party and let me tell you - everyone in attendance was shocked.

Can you blame them?

Myers has been a staple of Houston TV since the 1980s - working at KHOU, KPRC and KTRK. Which other Houston TV talent, still on-air today, can make the same boast? You can answer in the comments if you know.

Beyond longevity in an industry when you're hot one minute, and the next not, Myers is the last Houston TV reporter standing in the medical news world. There was a time when every Houston television station had a dedicated health reporter. Considering Houston is home to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, you would think medical reporting would be a priority in this city. Not anymore. Now most health reporting consists of an anchor telling us about the latest fat removal procedure.

Luckily we've had Myers to bring us medical stories of hope, promise and faith. As mentioned before on this blog, when I worked with her, I nicknamed her 'Dr. Myers' because she was so good at her job, you kind of forgot she actually didn't have a medical degree.

But Myers' reporting goes beyond the TMC and Houston. She's covered stories all over the world for KTRK and has a wall full of awards to prove it. You might even remember my 2013 post about how Myers won the 'Texas Health Journalist of the Year' from the Texas Medical Association's Anson Jones, MD, Awards.

It's unknown if KTRK will hire a full-time medical reporter to take her place, but in the meantime we have until February 28th to catch Myers' reports. After that, she said it's way more family time and travelling with her husband.

On a personal note, Myers really touched me after my mom died (a little more than two years after my father). I was sitting in my apartment in shock when I heard a knock at the door. It was Christi on the way to an assignment. She brought flowers and wanted to make sure I was doing OK. That meant a lot. That's the kind of person she is.

She will be missed.

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  1. McGuff, the big question is will Ch. 13 replace her and keep the health segment?

  2. Deborah Wrigley is still around

  3. Deborah Wrigley should've been forced into an off-camera job years ago.

  4. Don't know if this counts or not, but Bob Allen started at KPRC Radio in the 70s before moving to KTRK. He's now at KHOU.

    And for Gourry334, Deborah Wrigley keeps her on-camera job because she's so good at what she does. No matter what she covers Deborah can be depended on to bring back a good story and present it as professionally as anybody in the business.

    We have all grown older and more "mature" with Deborah, and I salute KTRK for NOT kicking her off-camera. I guess you would prefer another flavor of the week blonde airhead out there covering the hard news?

  5. Shern-Min Chow

    1. It's gonna be a tearful Feb. 28th when Meyers says her farewell at KTRK Ch. 13

  6. Christi was a TV reporter in Wichita Falls in 1976 when I was there working as a print reporter at my first newspaper job. She must have a good set of genes cause she still looks mahvelous. Also, she's a real nice human being.


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