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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Dayna Steele's 'On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World'

Native Houstonian and CEO Dayna Steele releases her third book

Former Rock 101 KLOL DJ Dayna Steele (and a bunch of other stuff mixed in) has written a new book, On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World.  This is the third book for Steele who is also the CEO of

As you will read in the below release, Steele actually ironically injured herself at a golf course so is having to slow down her media tour. CEO Dayna Steele has just released her third book and while it, too, is about motivation and success, it leans toward a different kind of drive. On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World continues the tradition of concise tips and solid advice for those seeking success, only this time it centers on the golf course.

“Many successful people are constantly trying to improve,” says author and success speaker Steele. “It’s only natural to draw the parallels of striving for success on the golf course to other aspects of life.”

A few years ago, Steele received a set of golf clubs from her husband, corporate aviation consultant and author, Charles Justiz, as a present. Not seriously interested in golf but wanting to spend more time as a couple, she reluctantly agreed to accompany him on golf outings from time to time.

Every once in a while turned into several times a week and before long, another golf addict was born. Steele found herself a favorite as emcee at many charity golf events which only continued to fuel her desire to play. When asked, Steele won’t hesitate to give you the favorite piece of advice learned while researching the book.

Dayna Steele
Dayna Steele
“Write down every swing and mark how you did,” says Steele. “Instead of beating yourself up at the end of a game, you’ll see the big picture of how you really did and where you need to improve.”

Ironically, Steele’s media tour for the book has been marred by the fractured fibula she suffered a few weeks back from stepping into a gofer hole at a local course. Restrained to a boot cast, Steele is determined not to let it slow her down - even if she can’t play golf right now.

101 Ways to Rock Your World series is based on a viral blog Steele wrote for entitled “5 Things to Do for Success Every Day.” 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day was Steele’s second book and the first in the series. On the Golf Course marks the second book of the series.

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