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Monday, September 09, 2013

TV stations find new ways to compete with your cell phone

Texas TV stations buying new vehicles that are ready to take you live into the action

KEYE TV Traffic Tracker Austin
KEYE TV Traffic Tracker (credit: KEYE)
There was a day when local TV news ruled weather and local traffic coverage. When the storms were brewing and the freeways clogging, your local television news team had choppers and live trucks ready at a moment's notice. That's not always the case anymore.

Besides that, now I can see weather on my Android phone's home screen and traffic from my current location to my house on a Google Now card. Suddenly watching TV news isn't so urgent.

Enter the new technology to usurp the viewing audience's attention once again.

 I noticed two Texas TV stations launching new vehicles equipped with gear like cameras, radars, mobile live shot capability, social media presences...etc. CBS 11 KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth has Mobile 11 and KEYE in Austin has the KEYE TV Traffic Tracker. The news units are ready to be embedded in whatever comes their way to show you things your phone can't...yet.

Mobile 11 Technology Promo 2013

Here is the description for Mobile 11:

Mobile 11 uses state-of-the-art technology to get you closer to severe storms. With its hands-free camera, on-board radar and live signal capability, Mobile 11 brings you live HD video from anywhere in North Texas. When severe weather threatens, count on Mobile 11 for live video and information to help keep you safe.

KEYE TV Traffic Tracker

Here is the description for the KEYE TV Traffic Tracker:

Wednesday we premiered the newest technology in keeping you up to date before your commute – the ATX Traffic Tracker. It has five cameras to show you a live look on the roads across Central Texas. KEYE TV's Ashley Miller reports throughout rush hours to show you where the backups are. And the ATX Traffic Tracker is social. Follow it on Twitter at @ATXTrafficTrack, in addition to Traffic Anchor @EricaHarpold for real-time traffic updates. Check it out Monday through Friday on KEYE TV Morning News, and at the top and bottom of the hour until 9 a.m.

I remember Fox 26 KRIV having a weather hummer years ago, but not sure if the station still uses it or exactly what kind of features it had. Can't say that I know of any Houston stations using vehicles like the ones above yet. At least not yet...

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