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Friday, August 02, 2013

KPRC 2's Bill Balleza talks about facelift

I've been getting lots of emails about Bill Balleza's return to KPRC this week. After a month on vacation in July, my readers are asking if the popular Balleza had work done on his face. The answer is yes. I asked Bill about it and here is what he told

Bill Balleza
For reasons that are entirely personal I decided to do something about my appearance.

I am now 65 and a few years ago began noticing that my face and neck were sagging. Over the past 18 months or so I made some nutritional changes that resulted in my losing about 25 pounds.

The weight loss made the sagging in my face and neck even worse so I decided to have a lower face lift. I did not have any work done on my eyes, but the normal swelling that follows a lower face lift did make the area around my eyes puffy, and the swelling is taking longer than anticipated to abate.

I could have waited a few more weeks for the swelling to fully resolve but I really wanted to return to the job I love.

It is possible that the swelling will be around for a few more weeks and I am hoping that our viewers will indulge me during this period.

Years ago, Marvin Zindler told me that I would one day decide to have plastic surgery, and although I silently disagreed with him at the time, it turns out he was right.

For my part, I believe it was the right decision, and I truly hope that folks agree with me.

Here is a photo from Thursday's newscast after Balleza returned to channel 2:

 photo billballezareturn_zps98a75b67.jpg

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