Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wayne Dolcefino almost pulls off Katy ISD Board of Trustees defeat

Wayne Dolcefino lost Katy ISD seat by less than 70 votes

Wayne Dolcefino
Wayne Dolcefino
As I tweeted last night, former KTRK 13 Undercover man Wayne Dolcefino almost unseated incumbent Joe Adams in the Katy ISD Board of Trustees race.

"We lost by 66 votes," Dolcefino posted on his election Facebook page. "On a positive note, we have to pick up all our signs but so many of them were stolen, it won't take too long! LOL. Seriously, thank you all who supported. We all want what's best for our kids."

The Community Impact Newspaper reported the unofficial results gave Adams 2,198 votes to Dolcefino's 2,132. Other challenger Tim Dietz, who works in the oil and gas industry as a lease analyst for BHP Billiton, received 185 votes.

Adams has held the position for 24 years.

Dolcefino campaigned with his usual bravado we've come to know from his television reports. He filed a complaint with the school district claiming it was limiting the placement of campaign signs near early voting sites - a free speech violation. The former TV investigator also posted messages on Facebook using his effective writing skills to question Katy ISD's lack of transparency.

There are many in the Houston-area who probably want Dolcefino to stop running for office and return to investigating political office holders on TV. That is his rightful bully pulpit.

If Wayne returns to Houston television, which station would get the honors?


  1. Too bad he lost. KISD board needs a fire lit under its lazy, non-transparent ass. How many eligible voters are there? Seems like a weak turnout.

    1. I thought the whole selling point of moving all the way to Katy was the good school district. After this election, I wonder how much BS that is?

    2. my wife is a teacher in Katy, they are only teaching to pass the STAAR test now... actually teaching the students has become 2nd in line to getting good scores on the damm test.. They also seem to be running off teachers with past "real world" jobs in favor of new college "edumacated" kids. So yes, you screwed up, but so did we.

  2. Replies
    1. Why is there no runoff?

    2. You get the most votes you win.

  3. I wish he'd run for Houston ISD but they'd off him before he'd have a chance to win. Shame - I think he'd do so much for any school board he was on! Idiacracy runs rampant throughout them all.


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