Thursday, May 09, 2013

Houston stations' billboard war

I love it when radio and TV stations put up billboards. And I really love it when they tweak the competition by putting a billboard up in front of a competitor's station!

The masters of this were the promotions gang at Rock 101 KLOL. From what I hear in the 1980s, Doug Harris and crew put up a billboard with a corvette driving out of it, one with a giant bra hanging on it and even put a billboard up in Dallas with the Runaway Radio logo that said something like, "Not available in this market." I'm sure Houstonians visiting Big D got a kick out of that. Probably made the Dallasites jealous. You'll be hearing more about this in my upcoming Rock 101 KLOL documentary.

Speaking of Dallas, when I started regularly visiting our neighbors to the north in the mid-1990s, I was impressed with their stations' use of billboards.

Back to modern day, KHOU 11, looking to promote recently minted chief meteorologist David Paul, put a billboard up at the heavily trafficked 610 and 59 interchange touting his local roots. Maybe a hiccup billboard is next in the campaign.

 photo DavidPaul_Billboardsmall_zps5ebc1b01.jpg

I like it when stations use the billboard to project something other than their brand. Just a logo with a picture of anchors is kinda dull these days. I also like it when the billboards are simple and easy to read while driving. It's scary enough out there on the roads without a billboard distracting you for longer than it needs to.

News 92 KROI also scores with this new billboard targeting us with a clean look and specific message.

 photo news92-billboard2013_zps574b5bce.jpg

I don't get out of southwest Houston much, so if you see a good media billboard, let me know.


  1. NOT Hey Mike McGuff Guy5/11/2013 01:28:00 PM

    Hey Mike McGuff! I'm not Hey Mike McGuff Guy, I just always found that funny and wanted to say it myself once.
    Tell us, what happened for KPRCs Alexandra Lewis, who left faster than she arrived? And did KILT fire AnnaMegan Raley or is she still working there?

    1. I heard Lewis came as a temp, so if she hasn't been on air lately, her agreement must have reached its end. And an OK station reported that Raley was fired (I linked to this on 4/30).

  2. Channel 11's David Paul billboard is just south of KPRC's studio's. So, if Channel 2 rotates their tower camera to look outbound (instead of inbound most of the time), channel 2 viewers can see channel 11's billboard.

  3. The most awesome thing about that billboard with the corvette?? Early in the morning, when no one knew about it was foggy, and those headlights coming thru the billboard in the fog made everyone think it was an actual corvette crashed thru it & someone was IN it up there! I used to work for The Houston Post Newspaper, and my mom before me, so that famous billboard was the talk of the town! Caused many a mornings to be a nightmare due to the rubberneckers! great memory!


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