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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bill Spencer joins KPRC 2 as investigative reporter from WXYZ

Bill Spencer from WXYZ Detroit joins KPRC 2 Houston as investigative reporter

Bill Spencer
Bill Spencer
Bill Spencer is the new KPRC 2 investigative reporter and tells me he is thrilled to be back in Texas.

 In fact, it's a homecoming for him in a way since his first TV job was at KMID in Midland. Spencer actually was there in the early 1980s covering the "Baby Jessica" McClure stuck in the well story. He tells me he worked for almost three days straight and filed reports for CBS.

Spencer replaces the spot left open by longtime Houston journalist Stephen Dean who is now at WRTV Indianapolis. Dean left KPRC in May of 2012.

"I'm going to be looking for the stories that really blow people away," Spencer told "The things they had no idea that are going on or see coming."

Spencer was the Chief Consumer Investigative Reporter at WXYZ Detroit's "Call for Action" since 1998. According to Deadline Detroit, the station did not renew Spencer's contract last January.

"I come up with stories that affect a huge group of people," Spencer added.

Here is where Spencer previously worked according to his LinkedIn profile:

Anchor/Investigative Reporter - (October 1994 – March 1998)
Anchor/Reporter - (October 1993 – October 1994)
Morning Anchor - (October 1991 – October 1992)
Crime Reporter - (September 1988 – October 1991)

KPRC is owned by Post-Newsweek which is based out of Detroit. At Scripps owned WXYZ, that means Spencer was competing against Post-Newsweek owned WDIV for many years. Now he is one of them.

He now joins the KPRC investigative team of Robert Arnold and husband and wife Amy Davis and Joel Eisenbaum.

Thanks to one of Spencer's first tweets, we know he is already on the case.

Spencer is married to a native Texan, his wife is from San Antonio.

Here is video of Spencer in Action - the only ones I could find on YouTube. The first clip he is rescuing stuck ducks, the next he is channeling Marvin Zindler and helping a woman with her smile.

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