Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Houston TV websites in 2003

How Houston TV's websites looked ten years ago

 photo kprc_2003_zps318920f5.jpg

The web has come a long way in ten years and that includes the Houston television station websites! Here is a look back at what Houstonians were surfing on for TV news back in 2003 (my how they've changed).

 This is back when we thought Twitter was what birds did and Facebook might be something you found in the plastic surgeon's office.

You can imagine what was the top story back then. I can almost hear the Britney Spears and 50 Cent playing in the background.

Just click on the station call letters to go back in time.



KTRK abc13

Fox 26 KRIV

KIAH 39 (back then KHWB)


  1. Wow..what a difference a decade makes! LOL!

    1. Who knows what TV websites will look like in ten years from now, but I am making a prediction.

      I'll be writing something like, "Remember when TV stations' websites were more important than their mobile sites and apps?"

      Or maybe it will be, "Remember when you had to look at the screen to get your news in 2013? It's so much easier having it directly injected into your brain as is common in 2023."

  2. Who knows we might not have TV News stations in 2023? Lmao. I'm kidding, too many jobs to sacrifice. But I am worried local news TV is going to become obsolete, but right now the amount of jobs the industry has is just too much to sacrifice.

  3. I am going to confess this....I was 12 years old in 2003.


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