Monday, March 11, 2013

Where is Ilona Carson of KTRK 13?

People asking me: Where has Ilona Carson been on channel 13?

Ilona Carson
Ilona Carson
UPDATE 3/15/2013
Ilona Carson was back anchoring the KTRK abc13 11am newscast with Melanie Lawson today. This was a little over a month since her February 13, 2013 Facebook post where she said she was taking some time off.

Ilona Carson, KTRK 13 4pm anchor, has been off the air a few weeks now and people are wondering where she went.

No need to be concerned, Carson addressed her time off on her Facebook page about a month ago:

"Also- after tonight, I'm taking a couple of weeks off, so I'll see you all soon. And I have some fun stories that'll be airing in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!"

I guess we can look for Carson back in the abc13 anchor chair soon.

KTRK 13's Ilona Carson delivers baby boy


  1. Ilona Carson hasn't been here yet, But she was on maternity leave last year, She made her return appearance on June 4, 2012 at 11AM, Ilona Carson graduated from college in December of 1996, So hope she can be seen on KTRK soon.

  2. I had wondered where she was! I love Ilona one of channel 13s best!

  3. she looks like there is something wrong physically. skin and bones and no muscle mass

  4. I used to watch her on fox 10 news in arizona like 12 years ago. She was smoking hot then!!!

    1. Yes she was. Hated to see her leave.

  5. I have been dying to write into channel 13 about her obvious weight problem. I certainly can understand if it's medically related but there hasn't been a peep about a medical illness. She was skin & bones before winter set in. I was relieved when winter started so I didn't have to see her shoulder bones sticking out. Sorry but it's painful for me to watch her now that it's warming up. Honestly I bet she's in the 25 percentile for her height & weight. Poor example of womans body image to the public if it's not because of medical reasons. She's worse than Barbie!! We hear about Barbie's image, what about Ilona Carson? She represents the strongest city in the nation. PLEASE put on done weight, if you are reading this Ilona or if KTRK channel 13 clothing coordinator cover up protruding bones. Respectfully an avid KTRK watcher

  6. I was wondering the same thing. I kept asking my husband had he heard she was sick? If she doesn't have a medical condition I think it's only fair for her friends, family, and employer to start asking if she has an eating disorder. She's looking really bad and like you said, it's very hard to watch her looking so malnourished. I'm all for healthy weight loss and keep an eye on my own weight, but I'm very concerned about her. Someone in her circle, if this is not a medical condition PLEASE speak up. Nonetheless she's in my prayers.

  7. I agree, sharing concern for her malnourished look. I hope those close to her will address whatever issues may be present. It is uncomfortable to watch her.

  8. As they say, you can't be too rich, too thin or own too many shoes. I think she is . smoking hot.

  9. After Ilona disappeared from Fox10 in Phoenix, it was heavily rumored she was fired.
    Personally, I found her scanty attire unprofessional, and her flirtatious behavior with the male anchors offensive. Maybe station management felt the same way?
    After being a loyal viewer of Fox10 for decades, because of her, I switched to TV3.
    When I heard she was gone, I happily returned to Fox10.

  10. Slim is not unhealthy. We live in a politically correct time when fat is in and slim is considered to be sick. Give Ilona a break. She looks great.


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