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Monday, March 18, 2013

KPRC AM 950 debuts

I told you last week how it looked like the 9-5-0 was losing its Mojo. Well Sunday the Mojo was lost.

That longtime Houston radio station is now KPRC AM 950 - Houston's more stimulating talk radio.

Weekday Schedule:
5a-6a Best of Joe Pags
6a-10a Joe Pags
10a-12p Glenn Beck
12p-2p Michael Garfield
2p-5p Matt Patrick
5p-7p Janine Turner
7p-9p Outlaw Dave
9p-12a Andy Dean
12a-3a Phil Hendrie
3a-5a Mancow

Looks like "The Janine Turner Radio Show - All American Common Sense" (of Northern Exposure fame) and "America Now with Andy Dean" are the new additions to the schedule.

It has a new website at too.

(Thanks MH)

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