Monday, March 18, 2013

KPRC AM 950 debuts

I told you last week how it looked like the 9-5-0 was losing its Mojo. Well Sunday the Mojo was lost.

That longtime Houston radio station is now KPRC AM 950 - Houston's more stimulating talk radio.

Weekday Schedule:
5a-6a Best of Joe Pags
6a-10a Joe Pags
10a-12p Glenn Beck
12p-2p Michael Garfield
2p-5p Matt Patrick
5p-7p Janine Turner
7p-9p Outlaw Dave
9p-12a Andy Dean
12a-3a Phil Hendrie
3a-5a Mancow

Looks like "The Janine Turner Radio Show - All American Common Sense" (of Northern Exposure fame) and "America Now with Andy Dean" are the new additions to the schedule.

It has a new website at too.

(Thanks MH)


  1. Andy Dean has been on 950 since Michael Savage left. The 950 website shows Dennis Miller in the midnight-3 a.m. slot

    1. I got the above schedule from the station's Facebook page:

      I guess one hand is not talking to another over there.

  2. Replies
    1. That's the domain now, but the 950 Facebook page says I figured if the station's own Facebook page said it, then that was what it is going to be once they fully move it over.

  3. Such an ugly logo they have. Was that done in MS Word?


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