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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KPRC 2 has lots of open jobs for you

I was checking on my Texas TV jobs page and I noticed that KPRC 2 Houston has opened up some new jobs you might want to check out.

News Assignment Editor Full Time
News Assignment Editor Part Time
Web Managing Editor
Digital News Editor, Part-Time
News Editor Special Projects
Television News Video Editor - Part Time
Brand Producer
Promotion Manager
Television News Investigative Reporter
News Reporter
IT Specialist/Broadcast Maintenance
Local Sales Manager
Associate Producer/Entry Level Producer
News Operations Technical Manager

Head on over to read more about these television employment opportunities and maybe you can get yourself a new gig. If you do, remember to send me a fruit cake or something for pointing these out to you.


  1. I've had my eye on that IT Specialist position for a couple of weeks now. I wonder if they're having a hard time filling that one?

  2. Alternately, if they have that many openings, that also means that many people have split.

    Read between the lines.

  3. There's a reason this place has so many open jobs... Avoid it like the plague!

  4. Don't let teh jealous types fool you... this is a great shop and Im sure a new budget cycle started and opened up all of these jobs.

    If you are young and in a small market this is a great way to get into a top 10 market at a number 2 station...

  5. Why in the HELL would someone want to work at freakin' KPRiCk?!?!?

  6. I'd rather work at KPRC than at a station that doesn't want to pay (cough) fox 26.

    1. Exactly. KRIV is attempting to do news with not only a bare bones staff, but paying very little to that bare bones staff.

  7. Too bad they're not looking for talented morning anchors or someo be with speaking skills todo traffic

  8. guys relax its a great place to work, and great pay the reason why there are so many opens is because bigger budgets means more people!



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