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Thursday, February 14, 2013

TV news' lost opportunity on Carnival Triumph story

With the advent of cell phone video transfer, satellite phones...etc., hundreds of TV news crews flock to the big national stories as they happen. But why not the Carnival Triumph story?

That's the cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico that had a fire, can't move on its own as a result and is now being towed back to port. Passengers reportedly relieve themselves in a bag and put it outside of their cabin door (almost sounds like my college dorm days).

An enterprising television station should have rented a hot air balloon from the closest land available, flown a reporter to the ship and had that ace land on board to start phoning in or transmitting live shots 24 hours a day. No sleep, no food, no bathroom breaks, just news.

I smell an Emmy...or maybe that is just that bag left outside someone's room.

Then that reporter could arrive to port in Mobile, Alabama and switch out with another reporter to embed themselves on the bus ride to Galveston or Houston. Live shots galore.

Has blogging all of these years finally made me think like TV news management?

I originally posted this plan on my Facebook account and Evan commented, "The weather men in the storms would have to figure out a way to kick it up a notch."

I replied, "That is true. They could strap themselves to the outside of the hurricane hunter plane with an iPhone and a prayer."

Where is Dan Rather when you need him?

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