Friday, November 16, 2012

NewsFix puts Constable Victor Trevino on 'hiatus'

Earlier today on my Wayne Dolcefino KTRK 13 sighting post, I mentioned how Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino was indicted on four felony charges.

Constable Trevino has been one of the few on air faces for KIAH 39's NewsFix. Since day one, he's read the crime reports.

I reached out to KIAH 39 to ask about Trevino's status after the hoopla surrounding him. Here is the official statement the Tribune station gave me tonight:

"Victor Trevino has been a valuable friend to Newsfix since the show started. His on-air segments have provided a valuable public service, informing our viewers about the crime in their neighborhoods. 'Crime Bureau' will remain on hiatus while he deals with these charges."


  1. Maybe he can do his little skits from prison. I hope he rots there! Public officials that abuse their authority are scumbags.

  2. This is why dont vote for no one based on the color of his or hers skin. What a disgrace to all Hispainics/Latinos everywhere.


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