Thursday, September 06, 2012

KPRC 2's 2012 Fall show schedule

KPRC 2 announced its 2012 Fall syndicated programming line-up. One big change is Ellen heading to KHOU 11.

The Ricki Lake Show premieres at noon Monday, 9/10, replacing the Nate Berkus Show.

The Jeff Probst Show premieres 2pm Monday, 9/10, taking over for Ellen.

New to KPRC 2's weekend lineup is Inside High School Football. It airs Sundays at 11am unless NBC Sports has something scheduled.

See the station's full show programming grid.


  1. We'll be there at 3PM on KHOU 11.

  2. As long as hacks Reyna, Conflenti, Freeman and Sachsecare on air, I'll be watching KHOU too.

  3. What a very stupid move moving one of the most highest-rated shows on KPRC (Ellen) to another station. And reading about the Ricki Lake show, she should've been on either KRIV/KTXH or KIAH, not KRPC. What type of village idiot is programming that station?

  4. i will give KPRC credit for offering job opportunities to the mentally challenged and the special needs commmunity but I don't think having one program a large market television station would be in the best interest of the station as we can see here by the schedule


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