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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Houston Chronicle puts FuelFix into paper's business section

Just when you thought the only changes coming to the Houston Chronicle were on its newly launched website...think again.

Got word today from the Hearst owned paper that its award winning website FuelFix is going the paper route. That's right, a Chronicle representative tells me that FuelFix will now be printed in the physical newspaper each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the business section.

In addition to that, the paper is also bringing Harry Weber into the fold. Weber covered the Deepwater Horizon spill for the Associated Press.

“I’m pleased to welcome Harry to our energy staff,” Chronicle business editor Laura Goldberg said in a statement. “His tenacious reporting style and extensive experience covering the oil spill make him a valuable addition to our team of talented journalists who excel at providing comprehensive coverage of the energy industry from exploration and production to pipelines and refineries.”

The new FuelFix area of the business section will also feature reporting from award-winning columnist Loren Steffy, Washington-based Jennifer A. Dlouhy plus business reporters Jeannie Kever, Emily Pickrell, Simone Sebastian and Zain Shauk.

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