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Monday, August 06, 2012

Jeff Vaughn out at KENS5 San Antonio

KENS 5 hires Jeff Goldblatt to replace Jeff Vaughn as main anchor

Heard a rumor over the weekend that practically brand new, out of the box, KENS 5 anchor Jeff Vaughn was out at the Belo San Antonio station. Sure enough, Vaughn says the same on his Facebook page:

As of today, I no longer work for KENS5.

Although it was an enjoyable experience at KENS-TV, I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

Most of all I will miss delivering the news to the wonderful people of San Antonio, who have embraced and supported my family since we arrived in 2010.

Vaughn came to KENS 5 in November 2009 from mornings at KSHB, the NBC affiliate in Kansas City, Mo. He succeeded the popular Chris Marrou, who anchored at KENS for 36 years before retiring.

Before Kansas City, Vaughn worked at WDIV-TV Detroit, KCBD-TV Lubbock and KMID-TV Midland.

Jeanne Jakle of the San Antonio Express News got a no comment basically from KENS.

KENS 5 hires Jeff Goldblatt from WMAQ NBC 5 as main anchor


  1. Because Jeff Vaughn is no longer on KENS 5 my family will now watch WOAI . Sarah Lucero and Debra Knapp are too dramatic in their presentations. Mr . Vaughn was REAL and he was a good fit inTexas. This new anchor from Chicago is not a fit in Texas!!! He seems to have an arrogant air about him. Anyway, Bill Taylor is not enough alone When it was Taylor and Marrou or Taylor and Vaughn we could overlook the overly dramatic presentations of Lucero and Knapp. Now Beamer and the 2 lady anchors on WOAI are a MUCH better fit for Texas (friendly, down to earth , enjoyable -like Vaughn and Taylor) Ch 5 , you made a hugh mistake on this one!!! Bill Taylor you would make a GREAT fit at WOAI!!!Signed ... A fan of KENS SINCE 1981 until now!!!

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  3. We sure miss Jeff Vaughn He was the perfect candidate after Chris Marrou retired. Although Jeff is no longer there he will also be missed. We were loyal viewers of KENS 5 news. Unlike this new guy he is as dramatic as the ladies even more. Don't know where y'all picked up this guy but he seems to be more of a soap opera actor than a news anchor that's how bad he presents himself. From an ex KENS 5 VIEWER.

  4. I have not been a kens5 viewer for as long as some here but i so agree with the viewers above because this guy just seems like an all out Ass. I don't care to watch the news anymore and it use to be a ritual for me and my girlfriend where we couldn't go with out watching the news and even had to dvr the news if we were gonna miss a day. Heck even Phil Anya would make a better Anchorman then Jeff Goldblat and what i really find disgraceful is you had to replace Jeff Vaughn who was the next best reporter to Chris Marrou and its disgrace full you had to replace him with another guy named Jeff. Kens5 if your ratings have dropped its not because of Jeff Vaughn its because you have a horrible system in place that is not working and KSAT has a good one working for them and i guess their beating you at your own game since they were always number 2 but you dont see them replacing Steve Spriester who has been there for many years now. So maybe you should rehire Jeff vaughn and become more creative to catch your viewers. i guess when woai beats you now and your in 3rd place youll fire Jeff goldblatt.

  5. You folks apparently have a young Marketing type that thinks he knows what he's doing, and you listened to him. Big mistake!

  6. I love Sara Lucero and Debra. Jeff Goldblatt is ok, just ok.


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