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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 to get 'dramatic facelift' from Houston Chronicle

Here we go again. Looks like the Houston Chronicle is giving a big makeover. A little botox there, hair dye over there, PHP scripting tweaks up there:

"We gave some of Houston's business and journalism communities a sneak peek at the all new in late June. Now, we are ready to show all of Houston ... and the rest of the world.

In the next few days, will undergo a dramatic facelift. From a new a logo and color scheme to a simpler layout and more relevant content of interest to Houston, this change will surely get Houston talking."

If you're like me and was not offered a sneak peek of the new site, then at least you know where your importance ranks. However you might be getting a sneak peek of the website's new logo on its Twitter page. If so, I must thank the newspaper for offering us plebeians a small taste of the great things to come.

Because of my Houston Tweets page, I've also noticed Chron employees talking about strategic plan meetings too (possibly about the big change).

 They are tweeting away with hashtags like #HoustonNumber1 and #WeAreHouston. Maybe that's a coincidence, or maybe those hashtags integrate into the new like #hounews has in the current one.

The suspense, the suspense! It's almost like we are living Gay Talese's The Kingdom and the Power.

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