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Monday, August 20, 2012

1560 The Game KGOW changes to Yahoo! Sports Radio and more

Just when you thought Roger Clemens returning to baseball with the Sugar Land Skeeters was going to be the big sports news of the day, hold onto your bat!

Turns out sports radio is making waves too. KGOW has flipped its image from 1560 The Game to Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560. I guess no real surprise there since owner Gow Broadcasting owns Yahoo! Sports Radio.

Also, Radio Insight reports that Gow has formally announced its takeover of 97.5 KFNC for $5.05 Million. ESPN 97.5 used to be owned by Cumulus.

Then Houston Media Watch tweeted me that KPRC 2 sports guy Adam Clanton and comedian John Wessling will be the new afternoon sports show on 1560 KGOW. Radio Insight adds they will be in the 3 to 7pm shift.

UPDATE 3/15/2013
Adam Clanton joins SportsTalk 790 KBME

I emailed KPRC 2 to see if Clanton will still keep his workload there while taking on the new radio duties. That's a lot of work, just ask David Nuno who also works for both Yahoo! Sports Radio and KTRK 13.

UPDATE 2 5:50pm: KPRC 2 confirms that Clanton is leaving the Houston NBC affiliate and will work at Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560 KGOW full time.

UPDATE: Have not heard back from KPRC yet, but am hearing that sports guy Adam Clanton will leave KPRC 2 to work afternoons at Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560 KGOW.

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