Friday, July 06, 2012

New Fox 26 weekend morning show's MacDonald & Dawson talk

Tomorrow is the debut of the new Fox 26 weekend newscasts. Here is an interview conducted by Fox 26 KRIV's Isiah Carey AKA The Insite with anchor Sally MacDonald and meteorologist John Dawson about the new show.

The duo says this will not be your typical newscast. In fact Dawson says they are throwing out the scripts!

Catch the show Saturday and Sundays from 5 to 8am. Also, Rita Garcia will anchor the new 5pm show debuting this weekend too.


  1. Looking forward to the new show! LOVE SALLY!

  2. It's still not the same.. I have watched since Mike "left". I will give these two a try though.

  3. A repeat of the same old 9pm fox news wannabe stuff. Ill pass.

  4. Too few news items, stories, features, weather segments, etc., repeated too many times over the course of a 5 am to 8 am Saturday and Sunday morning broadcast. All "Sunday Buzz" participants at the 59 Diner should have live communication with Sally at the studio, rather than just one of them with a microphone asking questions forwarded from the studio. Instead of having 3 hours to constantly repeat the same stories and information, they could fit all of their content into just one hour. In my opinion, the best part of both Saturday and Sunday morning shows is Sally MacDonald. If she were not anchoring the shows, I wouldn't watch.


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