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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KXAS 5' Jane McGarry apologizes for DWI; leaves station

Thanks to Chris S. who commented on Facebook that NBC 5 KXAS anchor Jane McGarry is also announcing she is leaving the station after posting an apology on Facebook concerning her DWI incident:

Long-time NBC 5 news anchor Jane McGarry announced that she will leave effective today, Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

Tom Ehlmann, NBC 5 president and general manager said, "We support Jane’s decision and truly thank her for her many contributions to NBC 5 throughout her long and distinguished career. We wish her the very best."

Jane McGarry said, "I want to thank the people of North Texas for inviting me into their homes for 30 wonderful years. In today’s world, 30 years is a long time to stay in any one job. I leave grateful for the wonderful career I have had at NBC 5 and am looking forward with anticipation to the next phase of my professional life."

Last May, KXAS NBC 5 anchor Jane McGarry was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Today she posted the following on her NBC 5 Facebook page:

Hi, it's been a while. I want to thank you for all your kindness. You have touched my heart. I have something I want to tell you.

I pleaded no contest to a Class B misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated. I apologize for my irresponsible behavior and am grateful that the police did their job and no one was hurt. Blood alcohol tests showed my blood alcohol level was .11, which is over the legal limit, and therefore I should not have been driving. I have paid a fine of $1,200, will be on probation for 18 months and will participate in at least 40 hours of community service. I am deeply sorry for making such a terrible mistake and pledge it will never happen again.


McGarry was taken off the air by the station after the incident.

According to her station bio, McGarry joined KXAS in 1982 after working as an anchor/reporter in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Before that she worked at WPSD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky and WRAJ Radio in Anna, Illinois.

Recently McGarry was anchoring NBC 5's 5pm news and Nonstop Nightly at 6:30pm on 5.2.


  1. I will miss her. For all the news watching public's sake, Can't the Dallas Police give her a break??? Nothing against the Dallas Police, they were just doing her job. However Dallas respects Jane McGarry and no one can replace her. As everyone on her facebook page said "she is a true class act and we all regret that she is leaving". Hopefully she will pop up somewhere else.. I am no longer watching NBC5!

    1. Jane I'm sorry you left NBC5. "In today world with economy as such, anything could happen,Jane McGarry has apologize, she didn't hurt nor kill anyone, I'm grateful to Dallas Police in cases such as this one, I'm against drunken-driving I feel this enough torture you've taken her off the air, she could have worked in the studio up on retirement so tell me when is second chance granted here in Dallas, Texas. this is a human being, I also feel it's a sad day in Dallas, I can't say I will stop watching NBC5 at5pm. but what I will say though shoes is gone to be hard to fill with as much dedication and determination as a professional anchor women. Jane keep your head up everything will work it self out.

  2. Didn't seem to matter when Dave Ward got popped by HPD leaving Kay's after a couple cocktails.

    Or when Ed Brandon developed an appetite for a little blow.

    Maybe that's just the difference of having to kowtow to a bunch of fanatical N.Texas christians, what Dallas is all about.

  3. I'm sure none of the station brass at KXAS have ever driven drunk before either.

  4. .11, that's well over the minimum. OK, she got drunk and got behind the wheel, which is what many of us have done. We were just lucky not to get caught. While DUI is a serious offense, I do not think the station should have take her off the air and I do not think she should have quit.


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