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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

KPRC 2 grabs Gary Striewski from KGWN 5 Cheyenne, WY

Gary Striewski leaves KPRC for NESN

KGWN 5 in Cheyenne, Wyoming announced its sports director Gary Striewski is moving nearly 190 markets to KPRC 2 in Houston.

That's an even bigger jump than El Paso KTSM/KDBC (and KVEO Browsville) anchor Phillip Mena made to KPRC 2 weekends just weeks ago.

I hear Striewski is dumping the sports beat for news. But here is something interesting...he will be a multi-media news reporter supposedly.

When I hear "multi-media news reporter" I think backpack journalist or one-man band. If this is the case, I believe that makes Striewski the first one-man band at one of Houston's big three. KIAH 39's old news format was the only station in town that has employed MMJs to my knowledge.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Striewski also worked as a general assignment reporter at Longmont Cable Access in 2010. He graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a BA in Journalism in 2010.

You can watch some of Striewski's work in the embedded YouTube video above.


  1. Impressive jump for him. And the KPRC brass are, I'm sure, quite happy to have someone who will work for, what, $30k?

    1. Eh...add in cost of living adjustments and the guy might make $45K. The sports director at my old station went from that position to news and hated it. Let's hope this guy knows what he's getting into.

  2. So do he new additions mean incompetent hacks Sachse, Conflenti, Reyna, Bauer, Jacquez and Freeman will soon be relegated to weekend roving reporter duties? Where is Joel Davis these days?

    1. Someone keeps posting the same comment. Some of the people named are not hacks. They're really hard working people. Nice folks.

  3. TreyMeTrey,
    Jeremy is a top notch reporter.And Conflenti makes me laugh.But now Dominique is so fine.... I'm just saying!!!

  4. JulioWong,

    Jeremy ios a good reporter on sports&news.Owen is well rouinded at all of it.And Dominique Sachse is so damn pretty&fine it should be illegal.OH MY!!!!!!!!!!


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