Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fox 26 KRIV number 1 newscasts May 2012 sweeps

In May 2012 sweeps, Fox 26 KRIV in Houston is number 1 at 4am, 8am and 9am. It also has the number 1 show in guessed it, American Idol.

May`12 Sweep Highlights (source: NSI May`12 and May`11 L+SD)

FOX 26 is # 1 in the following time periods:

• FOX26 News @ 4am, +1 in rank, 133% growth vs. May`11. #1 in rank A25-54 RTG/SHR: 0.7/8
• FOX26 News @ 8am, +2 in rank, 33% growth vs. May`11. #1 in rank A25-54 RTG/SHR: 1.2/9
• FOX26 News @ 9am, +2 in rank, 100% growth vs. May`11. Ranks #1 A25-54 RTG/SHR: 0.8/7
• AMERICAN IDOL is the #1 Show in Total Prime in May`12 A25-54: Wed: 5.3/15, Thu: 5.4/16


• FOX26 News @ 5am, 67% growth vs. May`11. A25-54 RTG/SHR: 0.5/5
• FOX26 News @ 6am, +1 in rank, 63% growth vs. May`11. Ranks #3 A25-54 RTG/SHR: 1.3/9
• FOX26 News @ 7am, +1 in rank, 42% growth vs. May`11. #2 in Rank A25-54 RTG/SHR: 1.7/12
• FOX26 News @ 5pm, +1 in rank, 80% growth vs. May`11. Ranks #3 A25-54 RTG/SHR: 0.9/4
• BIG BANG THEORY/M-F/6:30p on KRIV, +2 in rank, 86% growth vs. May`11. Ranks #3 in TP. A25-54 RTG/SHR: 1.3/
• KTXH/My20 Prime, +1 in rank, 50% growth vs. May`11. Out-Ranks KIAH/CW A25-54 RTG/SHR: 0.6/2

- Fox 4 KDFW claims number 1 in DFW May 2012 sweeps


  1. We're #1! (when no one else has a competing newscast) lol...

    1. Green isn't your color, pal. #1 vs. the big three network mid-morning programming, dude. Credit where credit is due

  2. It's because of American Idol.

    1. American Idol doesn't come on at 4, 8 and 9 you ass.

  3. Another TV Insider5/25/2012 07:55:00 AM

    @Anonymous #1

    Actually, in all of those time slots there is some form of competing news and/or local presence, or at least presence the station is judged against by Nielsen.

    It's telling that viewers appear to stick with FOX26 through the full hour at 4am, rather than flip to the competition at 4:30.

    That appears to happen at 5 and 6 am, though.

    It's very telling that while most viewers prefer the first hour of GMA, the audience for both KHOU and KPRC does not follow through into their respective network shows - choosing, instead, GMA or Fox 26.

    But viewers tire of the GMA antics, and in the second hour flip to Fox 26.

    The viewers that switch from GMA at 8am stick around through 9am. Neither the third hour of Today nor Deborah Duncan can claim that.

    At 5pm, the competition is extremely hot. 13 is, of course, the 800 lb gorilla, but second and third is a toss-up. Yes, the station placed #3 (ahead of KPRC...but, I believe, barely behind KHOU). In both November and February, it outranked both stations.

    And in a quirk of Nielsen, all "late news" (9 and 10pm) is ranked together. Unfortunately all the American Idol in the world won't deliver a big number to a primetime newscast that competes with popular dramas on the other three stations.

    1. This above post is dead on!!! Agreed! Good job, TV Insider

  4. KRIV is number 1... may god help us all

  5. FOX 26 is doing more enterprise journalism including stories that affect more people, their lives, their safety and their money. The other 3 stations are overblown with depressing crime coverage.

    Fox 26 morning news has 6 hours of different hours of news, information and entertainment. You don't see the same people on the air for 6 hours and the same 30 seconds of video of a vacant house fire like you do on KTRK.

    Fox 26 has MORE news Mon-Friday than any other local television station in Houston.

  6. So KRIV' is weakest when Mr Ed Bomke is on air? No surprise.

  7. Natalie Bomke is one of the most talented anchors that Fox has hired in quite a while, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see her move on to bigger and better things in the not too distant future.

    1. You're an idiot. Her delivery is terrible and robotic... not to mention fake. You MUST be a close friend of family member

    2. Shes not going ANYwhere trust me.

  8. Who is Matt Lavine? Sounds like a dolt...and his comment reads as if he's some washed up out of work weatherman who'll suck up to anyone in the business to get a job.
    Heck, even Google's never heard of him -- when I checked it asked me "Did you mean Matt Levine?"

  9. Live and let live friend...


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