Friday, February 24, 2012

Is KPRC 2's Stephen Dean leaving Houston?

Peabody Award winning KPRC 2 investigative reporter Stephen Dean has uncovered a lot of stories over the years.

And right now Dean is also one of the most buzz worthy reporters in Houston TV after his series of recent reports concerning former Houston city councilman and current 740 KTRH talk show host Michael Berry (Dean just so happens to be a former 740 KTRH staffer).

Now there is a rumor circulating about Dean. Word around town is the Local 2 investigator is ready to jump ship from KPRC to a TV station in another state.

While I'm no investigative reporter, I decided to get to the bottom of these whispers concerning Dean going around Houston TV newsrooms.

"My bosses mentioned hearing that rumor [Thursday] as well, and it surprised us all quite a bit," Dean told "I signed a new contract just a few months ago, and I'm quite happy with it. My management has asked that I leave my response about my future with the station at that."

So there you have it. Straight from Dean himself.

KPRC 2 reported Thursday night that Berry offered a payment to the club bouncer whose car was supposedly hit.

As I blogged earlier in the week, Michael Berry responded to Dean's reports concerning his alleged hit and run. The talk show host said he will now go after Channel 2. So far, Berry has posted some parody clips concerning KPRC and Mr. Dean.

I can only imagine the ratings for KPRC 2 and 740 KTRH right now. Each station must have seen a spike.

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  1. At any point, will Berry address what he was doing in a gay bar, rather than obfuscating that in the car deal?

  2. Dean better watch out before Berr
    y slaps him with his purse!

  3. Dean publishes information with the spin rapped around it. What's happen to journalism, reporting facts? I'm told that Dean can be paid to report whatever the moneys pays him to twist and tweak. He deserves the pea brain award.

  4. Dean is a Geraldo wannabe. Hope he is gone . He's a irritating
    little twerp.

  5. This self-absorbed, monotone, bigmouth just walked out on his new contract at WSYX in Columbus, Ohio. I only knew this moron three months, but that was enough to form the above opinion. You swarmy, Willy-Wonka-looking, cigar-smoking snake. How you ever lasted 11 years in Houston TV is beyond me. Any one thinking about hiring Dean should call WSYX management. So long fool.


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