Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Group buying site SweetJack launches in Houston and Dallas with radio support

You know media companies are kicking themselves for not coming up with the idea of a Groupon or LivingSocial like site first. Now one media company has done something about it.

Cumulus Media (which is becoming a larger company after agreeing to purchase Citadel stations) has started its own group buying site called

SweetJack just so happens to be launching in Houston and Dallas this week. To get the word out, the radio station group will be featuring its new site on all of its stations. So that means 2 million listeners in the greater Houston area each week via 103.7, ESPN 97.5 and 104.1 KRBE will hear about it. Plus, 2.8 million listeners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area each week via The Ticket, i93, 570 KLIF and The Wolf (with additional stations to be added soon following the previously announced acquisition of Citadel Broadcasting) will also hear about it.

“I’m thrilled that SweetJack is already profitable with a proven business model applicable to metropolitan areas around the country,” said Lew Dickey, CEO of Cumulus Media. “SweetJack is the only deal platform that has the promotional power of hundreds of radio stations telling listeners every day about ways they can save money and have a great time.”

The site's name comes from the concept of a Jack Russell terrier who "fetches" the best deals.

Cumulus says the site is different from its predecessors because:

- It does not require a minimum number of purchasers for a deal to kick in—there are no so-called “tipping points” required
- In addition to the deal of the day promoted through emails and on the radio, customers can visit for an online store listing dozens of additional deal opportunities
- Customers can immediately redeem their deal certificates upon purchase, as there is no waiting period

According to Cumulus, since launching in Atlanta on April 11th, SweetJack has exponentially grown its user base by 400%, saving consumers more than $1 million on new and interesting experiences. Using synergy, the site taps into the existing sales force at partner radio stations.

Look for SweetJack to appear in other cities over the next year. We'll have to see if Cumulus' big mouth piece pays off for the site or if it just fades away like many of the other group buying sites out there (Facebook Deals just shutdown).


  1. Bit fishy I'd say. I received an unsolicited email from them today to join. In addition, one part of the email said I should add their address to my contacts so I won't miss any future emails. Well I never did that, marked as spam and will ignore them. This instance just fueled me to COMPLETELY ignore them.

  2. I got the same email but I realized it is because I opted into a Cumulus radio station email newsletter and asked to receive partner offers. I bought their first offer - 4 movie tickets and 4 sodas for $20 at Star Cinema Grill. Why would you not want an email offer like that !?!? I say keep em coming!

  3. I started getting their emails and have been reporting them as spam. The email included an unsubscribe link but I've been told to never click these as it just confirms to the spammer that the email address is valid.

    One of the emails I received last month requested I respond or I'd be taken off their mailing list. I didn't respond but continue to get their spam. I would never do business with a spammer, no matter how good the deals may seem. If nobody responded to spam, the practice would eventually die. Also, how can you trust a company that believes spamming people is acceptable?


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