Thursday, August 04, 2011

KIAH 39's Marci Izard and Mayra Moreno return to anchor

Marci Izard
Familiar faces are hitting the airwaves of KIAH 39 again.

Former 39 News reporter/anchor Marci Izard has been filling in for the vacationing Mia Gradney on Eye Opener duties.

As you might have read here before, Eye Opener is the newish KIAH 39 morning show produced by Tribune out of Chicago with Houston news breaks.  It is expected this show will eventually go national to other Tribune stations.

It seems strange in this NewsFix world, but actual people once delivered your news at KIAH 39.

Mayra Moreno
Izard is not the only former 39 talent returning to public view.  Last week Mayra Moreno also did some fill-in time in the AM.  Both reporters stayed at the CW station after it launched its television news revolution.

Both were great to work with.

Eye Opener, by the way, airs every weekday morning from 6 to 8am.


  1. I am certainly a fan of Mayra Moreno. The beautiful young reporter/anchor was solid during the CW39 News days. I also respect Marci Izard. Not to discredit her work. I haven't yet seen Eye Opener on TV, but I've seen a little online video of one segment once.

    As for NewsFix, I can't bring myself to watch that even as I once reviewed it in my own blog. Still can't. Just makes missing people deliver news like Mayra Moreno, Marci Izard, "Chief" Keith M., Jorge Vargas... need I go on? Anyhow, great for Marci Izard and Mayra Moreno.

  2. No one will watch News Fix regardless of WHO they bring. Jesus is the only one who could increase the ratings and there's NO chance of getting Jesus. That show receives hashmarks daily... as does the station as a whole, so this is a useless add. This won't get posted since McGuff used to work for 39 but I wanted to say my peace.

  3. The thing about Newsfix is that you can make up things about it or you can look at the actual ratings numbers.
    I've seen them and, while I'm certainly no fan of the show, the non-imaginary numbers indicate that people ARE watching it.

  4. In looking at HH ratings since March, NewsFix is getting about half the viewership of what the former CW39 News used to get. People may be watching, but there are certainly fewer of them.

  5. Watched 5 minutes of NewsFix the day it premiered, and haven't watched it since. That's 5 wasted minutes that I'll never get back. Gawd awful.

  6. Newsfix will NEVER catch on the way it is. It's actually not a bad concept but the voice over person's delivery makes me not want to watch it at all. I like the fact that I can see the next story coming up, but i hate the way the man reads the story. I've watched it twice and will never do it again. Channel 39 is like a high school/college run organization. The talent including mia is mediocre at best.. AT BEST.

  7. As a previous poster said, look at the ratings.

    I work for another station's news operation. I was certain this idea would be yet another disaster from a station that has repeatedly failed at launching a competitive newscast.

    But as I said, look at the ratings. I am dismayed to discover this format is competitive.

  8. I actually love News Fix.. Ms. Moreno still has a lot to learn. She's getting there though. I do wish her the best now that she is leaving the Houston area. Good Luck!


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