Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Houston's 55 KTBU goes Spanish to Mega TV

I got so caught up in the new KHOU 11 News at 4 and the hiring of former CBS/NBC correspondent Don Teague as the main Fox 26 KRIV anchor that I almost missed another big Houston TV change.

Houston's 55 KTBU switched formats just like I told you it was going to do in early May. Channel 55 is now Mega TV. It must have happened earlier today because people are hitting my blog suddenly looking up information on KTBU 55. Don't worry, I actually left the computer to turn on the TV and check for myself. It is now definitely Mega TV.

As I blogged in May, we've recently seen KNWS 51 go Spanish, Channel 57 KUBE become English and now KTBU 55 go Spanish.

Little bit of trivia for you, KTBU was started by Lakewood Church's the Osteen clan. It was The Tube. Now channel 57 is The KUBE. Coincidence?


  1. Houston is teh 4th Hispanic TV market in the country...http://www.adagewhitepapers.com/adage/hispanicfactpack2011#pg18

  2. Heard the same people who bought 55 are trying to buy 106.9 from Cox Radio, and turn that into Spanish.

  3. I used to watch CH 55 almost daily. What a loss. I guess it is time to get out of Houston. It truly has become a 3rd world country.

    I hate you all so very very much.

    General Cartmann Lee.

  4. buh bye General Cartmann Lee, you surely won't be missed :)

  5. I hate this channel. This channel is from Miami. Why did Houston get this channel. Houston should produce their own channels. Those people are not from texas and not speaking right spanish. Yes we are becoming a 3rd worldm country like Florida.


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