Wednesday, August 10, 2011

107.5 The Eagle KGLK's ratings jump after taking over 106.9 The Zone

Monday night I tweeted the latest Houston radio ratings for the July period and I noticed one thing stuck out. Classic rocker 107.5 The Eagle KGLK jumped up in the ratings. The first thing thought was the simulcasting of the station on both the 107.5 and 106.9 frequencies. Last June, The Eagle took over 106.9 The Zone KHPT (formerly The Point).

 Looks like I'm not the only one who thought that.

 "We believe the increase in ratings is a direct result of the simulcast of the Eagle brand on 106.9 and 107.5," Mark Krieschen, Vice President/Market Manager Cox Media Group - Houston, told "The two frequencies provide the largest coverage of any single radio station in southeast Texas. The response from listeners in the northern part of the city has been impressive."

 As I wrote in June, the theory is, now Cox can take the Lake Jackson frequency 107.5 and combine it with the Conroe frequency 106.9 to make The Eagle have a larger, more reliable coverage area. Obviously that plan had some merit. Now The Eagle can be heard clearly in the north and south of the Houston radio market.

 On the other side, you may look at the past few months' ratings before The Zone was zapped by The Eagle and notice that if you add the two stations' numbers together, you get about the same rating as the July one. My question it better to have one station on two frequencies get a higher rating or two separate stations getting lower ratings.

 I don't know the economics behind that question. If I did, I'd be in broadcast sales making a lot of money and driving a luxury car. My radio mentor Frank Fallon always told me if you can fix it or sell it, you have a job in broadcasting. Those words make a ton of sense to me.

The combination of the frequencies also puts KGLK ahead of 93.7 The Arrow KKRW - the other (and longtime) classic rock station in Houston.

 In other news, Classical 91.7 KUHA (former Rice Radio KTRU) came out of hash marks in July to get a rating (under 1).


  1. You can get the ratings for radio, but not TV? It would be nice to know on a weekly basis how the ratings fall in Houston. Especially with the new guy coming to FOX KRIV.

  2. Still that would happen if 106.9 gets sold to a Spanish speaking media company?

  3. I wish they would make a international station that plays hits from around the world.

  4. Yeah, how about the ratings for the Houston TV newscast please??

  5. Joseph, that might work in a city like Toronto, LA, or NYC. Not Houston, the vast majority of radio listeners in the Greater Houston area believe it or not, isn't in the diverse inner city areas of Houston but in the less diverse suburbs. Plus advertisers would rather have those suburbanites, than the inner city people. Those 3 cities I mentioned in the beginning have large diverse populations than Houston to keep a station like that.

  6. We'll that's a shame because there's alot of good music out there. I'm just really tired of hearing the same songs being played on every station. We have three hit stations, 95.7, 104.1, and 96.5. I'm just saying maybe they should try something different maybe people will like it? Also I live in the suburbs btw. : )

  7. As I've said before, Nielsen (TV ratings) does not offer their stuff up like Arbitron (radio).

    Since you all are so interested in TV news ratings though, I have seen a a Nielsen trend for Channel 39 KIAH's 9pm news from July 2009 to May 2011.

    The ratings were almost always right above a one and only hit a 2 once...that is until September 2010. That was when myself and the other freelancers were hired to keep the old news going after all the reporters quit when NewsFix was announced in August 2010. The ratings started going up and hit a 3.0 by December 2010.

  8. How many tired old classic album rocks stations does Houston need. I mean really, 93.7 106.9 107.5 and they hardly play anything good. I love rock but sick of this old shit
    I miss the old houston Planet and listen to bobfm austin because houston radio SUCK

  9. Wow mike, that pretty good to hear about the increase in ratings on 39 before NewsFix. That should've at least gave upper management a second thought about changing the format, in my opinion.


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