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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planking taking over Houston TV?

@s1rk3ls Sorry @conflenti, Mason Lankford of @folkfamily beat... on Twitpic

Thanks to TVSpy for linking to my KPRC 2 anchor Owen Conflenti planks on live TV post. The post also clued me into more planking activities at Houston TV stations (you know I only report on the serious issues that matter to you and your family).

As you see above, Mason Lankford of @folkfamily planked at the Fox 26 KRIV studios. Thanks to @GunsandTacos for that tip.

Apparently the first person to plank on Houston TV (on tape) was the Houston Press' Craig Hlavaty. It was on KIAH 39's Between the Lines segment for NewsFix.


  1. My column in the Tribune Newspaper (kingwood-area) next week describes my attempt at planking! Of course, I created a better option for *ahem* us women of a certain age: Clinking. That's where we show up and clink wine glasses against a sign, door, desk or another wine glass. Maybe I should drop by s newsroom. Think i'd fine a fellow clinker?

    Danielle Schaaf
    The Haute Flash Contessa\Tribune Newspapers

  2. this is what makes planking so freakin' (insert word of choice). My choice is stupid.

  3. So there are others besides that Troglydyte at Ch 2 who do this idiotic thing...hey, mayve next time you can take a picture of a guy peeing on a tree. Is about as interesting and newsworthy.

  4. Wrong... KRIV FOX 26 did it first... live on their 9pm. May 17, 2011...

    You'll need realplayer to play that FLV i think

  5. Conflenti did it, so it OBVIOUSLY is stupid and an attention whoring effort by anyone who does it.

  6. Pfft... Planking is *SO* two weeks ago.
    All the cool people are Owling now.

  7. The dumbing down of America continues...


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