Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ed Brandon returns to KTRK 13 newscasts

This weekend means fireworks, picnics...and Ed Brandon's return to the KTRK 13 weather department. Well, at least while the normal staff goes on vacation.

Brandon has to be one of the most popular weather guys in Houston (even though he retired from the station in 2007). Luckily KTRK keeps Ed in reserves. Catch him in the evenings this weekend.

- VIDEO: KTRK 13 weather in 1979 with Ed Brandon
- AUDIO: Ed Brandon talks about TV with Mike McGuff
- Ed Brandon announces retirement on the mikemcguff blog
- VIDEO: TV weather celebrity stunt
- VIDEO: KTRK 13 Eyewitness News promo 1995


  1. I basically grew up with Ed Brandon's weather reports. I also liked hearing him say "congratulations! You made it through another week" on Friday weather reports. He is and always was solid in weather reports. SO much respect for Ed Brandon.

  2. Love ya, Ed! It's ALWAYS good to see you back on the tube!

  3. Very glad to see an old friend back on the tube!

  4. No Houston station has found anyone as good or as popular to replace meteorologist Ed Brandon!

  5. Ed is the best. I also enjoyed Doug Brown in the mornings...what happened to him he was on in the morning for years? Shows how old I am.

  6. Doug Brown retired in 2008.


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