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Monday, May 09, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV's ‘Is Glee too gay?’ goes coast to coast

Glee: The Music, Volume 5While we were in the hospital last week, I missed blogging about Fox 26 KRIV's ‘Is Glee too gay?’ debate. Apparently I was one of the few folks, not blogging about it.

At issue was a debate (the kind of talking head battle Fox News features) between Houston activist Ray Hill and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. The segment was anchored by Damali Keith in the 9pm newscast right after Glee aired.

So far the GLAAD backlash has hit the digital pages of publications like Time, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and a lot more.

GLAAD asks Fox channel in Houston for apology after 'extremist' report on gay characters on 'Glee'

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GLAAD campaigns against FOX news affiliate for segment about 'Glee' and gay youth

Fox Houston under fire for asking ‘Is Glee too gay?’

GLAAD demands apology after FOX TV station's 'Is Glee Turning Kids Gay' segment

FOX Affiliate: Is 'Glee' Gay Teen Propaganda?

Is Glee Too Gay? Fox 26 (Actually) Debates It


  1. Foxy Browne's cousin Dontrell5/10/2011 12:49:00 PM

    Hey MIkey,

    Wanna do the tube snake boogie with me?

  2. Saying Glee is "too gay" is like saying that pretty much every other TV show to air is "too straight". Stupid people. Learn to mind your own damn business and stop worrying about things that don't effect you.


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