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Monday, May 23, 2011

Former Houston and DFW TV reporter now at CBS New York

Over the past two years, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth television viewers watched Duarte Geraldino report for Fox 26 KRIV and then CW 33 KDAF.

Now I spotted Geraldino on CBS News (it was the network early morning show at 4:30am anchored this day by former KWTX Waco, KTVT Dallas and CNN anchor Betty Nguyen). His tagline is "for CBS News, New York." I don't know if that tag line means Geraldino is permanent or a on a freelance basis with the so-called "Tiffany Network." His role could also mainly be for CBS' station feed called Newspath.

I contacted Geraldino on Facebook but did not hear back from him.

- Duarte Geraldino lands at KDAF
- CW 33 KDAF reporter Duarte Geraldino leaves
- Former Fox 26 KRIV reporter Duarte Geraldino's image still lives in the station


  1. Usually using "for" in the tag line would indicate he is not a full time staffer. However, Duarte probably does not know that and he would routinely both that while working at KRIV. To be honest there isn't much that he wouldn't botch- he is nearly a complete hack. On a scale from 1- 10, with 1 being the biggest moron on the planet he is a 2. Still, he seems to fall up everytime he is canned. Kudos.

  2. Oh that's great for him. best of luck D-man! Miss you in H-town.

  3. No one misses Duarte in "H Town." Besides, Duarte probably does not know where "H town" is- he is that clueless. Ask any former employee about DG and you will discover a familiar theme. Something like, "he went to a good school and worked in good markets... how come he doesn't get it?"


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