Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Controversy over SportsRadio 610's hottest Houston woman in the media bracket

In my Monday media list o' stories I linked to the SportsRadio 610 KILT Rich Lord and Josh Innes hottest Houston woman in the media bracket.

I got this comment later in the day:

Anonymous said...
It's kind of sad that thest guys have so little respect for women that they do this kind of contest. It's even worse that these women have such low self-esteem that they think it's okay to participate in it. I guess when you basically have your job, becuase a bunch of unattractive men think you are "hot", then you would be okay with it. It's 2011 and the worth of a woman is still based on how she "appears" to look and whether or not she turns on a bunch of gross-looking men. When is the worth of a woman going to be based on intelligence and talent? A strong, secure man would have a problem with this contest and he would speak up. I guess there are none at a certain radio company in town!

Now the Houston Press reports the contest is attracting some more controversy.


  1. I just hope an au natural woman wins and not oine of the many plastic, implanted illiterates they are showcasing.

  2. A "natural" woman is someone that doesn't wear any makeup and all the women in this contest looked like they wear quite a bit, so I don't think that's going to happen.

  3. Not that this contest isn't a sad travesty, but these women are hired on the basis of their looks. How else to explain the likes of that pillow-lipped drone Nefertiti Jaquez? "News" media has been largely transparent about their hiring standards for some time.

  4. In response to your post "Controversry Over SportsRadio 610's Hottest Houston Woman in the Media Bracket," please tell "anonymous" on your main page that I strongly suspect only one woman actually gave consent to be in the contest, and she's the one who designed the website, is reporting on the votes, happens to be a candidate currently up for vote in the contest, and the ONLY woman given time to campaign for listener votes. Don't blame the other ladies.

  5. It's just a fun bracket. Why do you take it so seriously. I think these women are happy to be on it. Its great media attention. After all they are in the media right?

  6. Tex, are you referring to the McClain disciple with the bolt ons?

  7. Actually, a few of these chicks were asking for listeners to vote for them on the station website, so I think they were okay with it and gave their consent. If they had talent, they would not have to participate in this contest, they would be able to get "media attention" for their work!

  8. Some people are just so uptight. They have turn everything into an issue.

    And just for fun, lets start a new poll. How many people out there think the lady that posted that comment is a washed news anchor who use to be hot and treat people like sh** and now she's forced to be nice to an 18 year old news editor so he'll cut her package.

  9. Dear Anonymous (3/25/2011 07:23 AM),

    I'm not a McClain disciple. And for the record, the bolt-ons you speak of have been torture to my back since junior high.

    I'm sure you're not a jerk in person, so you have my forgiveness.

    God bless,



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