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Thursday, February 10, 2011

KPRC 2 assistant news director Rick McFarland still at station

A report on the site Newsblues today said that KPRC 2 assistant news director Rick McFarland was leaving the station.

KPRC 2 tells me that is not the case.

"Rick lost his father last week which is why he was not here for the better part of the week, so what a shame to have to read those inaccuracies in addition to his loss on the day he returned to work,"  Mike Guerrieri Vice President/Creative Services Director for KPRC 2 told the blog. "I just spoke to Rick and he is here in the building, plans to be here well in the future and is doing well."

As I previously blogged, McFarland just returned to his assistant news director role after being news director for several years. Assistant ND is the job McFarland held for 10 years until he was upped to news director in 2009. According to his online bio, McFarland started at the station in June 1980 in the sports department and has moved up through the years.

Agent Rick Gevers recently reported on his blog that former assistant news director Kathy Williams is leaving the station.

Deborah Collura, the corporate VP of News based in Detroit for Post-Newsweek, has been taking over some duties as the KPRC news director. At least she spoke for KPRC when TVSpy inquired about the bird flip morning anchor Owen Conflenti gave during a morning update in recent weeks.

- KPRC 2 news director Rick McFarland steps down to assistant news director
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