Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Former KTRK 13 anchor Mark Garay joins KIAH 39


Another former KTRK 13 colleague of mine, is now a current colleague at KIAH 39. Monday, former KTRK 13 anchor/reporter Mark Garay joined the staff of KIAH 39.

Above is his first story for the station.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will remember Garay has been producing videos on his own over the last few years.

Garay is also no stranger to mikemcguff.com. He has written guest posts on mikemcguff.com:
- TV interview going away as we know it?
- Is this TV news or promotion gone wild?
- How TV news can restore its credibility

Mark has worked at such stations as KTVH, KIMT and KLAS in addition to his Houston work. He joined KTRK in 1995 and served as the stations weekend morning anchor and weekday reporter.

Please no jokes about Channel 39 becoming Channel 13 West.

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  1. Great to see Mark. As a viewer that can see thru people and read them I believe those anchors at 13 are fighting amongst themsleves. Too many ego's over there and no damn talent. How in the world do they make payroll? Just happy Mark is back on the airwaves he is very talented and I appreciate and trust himas a good report source. As well as you Mike. Just glad to see you guys working and doing what you guys are so good at doing and love doing. And I am just a viewer with an MBA.

  2. It seems like there are quite a few former 39 employees at 13 as well, photographers, assignment editors, producer, and an anchor. Perhaps, you could do a blog post about all the trades.

  3. Good hire. The guy is a veteran reporter and anchor and brings a lot of credibility to what they're trying to do at 39. Now they need to scrap the "new vision", stick with an improved, traditional newscast and change that Star Trek retro set back to one that reflects that it's 2011.

  4. Channel 39 is no joke - and with true professionals like Mark - watch out.

    Good to see you at a place your talents can be fulfilled...good luck bro....

  5. Hey Mike, can we get a NewsFix update please??? Im starting to have a feeling that move is falling through...

  6. Thank you for all the kind posts.
    -Mark Garay


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